Usonia Collection
Honey Maple Finish

Why Usonia?

Inspired by renowned Chicago Architect Frank Lloyd Wright, our Usonia collection is created based on his principle of crafting rich material and combining a modern design approach.

This technique ultimately leads to great quality and affordability. It is with our Usonia collection that you can realize your dream kitchen at a fraction of our competitors cost.

Wood Characteristics: Plantation Wood

The Rubber Tree got its name from the sap-like extract it
produces that we know as rubber sap or natural latex.
The wood from this tree, referred to as Para wood or rubber
wood is used in high-end furniture.

It is valued for its dense grain, minimal shrinkage, attractive
color and acceptance of different finishes. It is also prized as
an "environmentally friendly" wood, as it makes use of trees
that have been cut at the end of their latex-producing cycle.

Standard Features ::

T2 Cabinet offers the highest quality craftsmanship and construction to European-style flush hinges,
and many features you look for in your dream kitchen come standard in our Usonia Collection.

Ask your local sales representative for optional upgrade
and custom work.

-       Easy Glide Drawers Modern Shaker Face Style

-       Modern Shaker Face Style

-       Durable hardwood and plywood construction

-       Meticulous Craftsmanship

-       European Style Flush Hinges

-       Wide range of sizes and accessories

  • Easy Glide Drawers

  • Modern & Clean Style

  • 30"/42" Wall Cabinets

  • Durability

  • European Style Flush Hinges