Burnham Collection
Espresso Finish

Why Burnham?

Inspired by Chicago architect and urban planner, Daniel Burnham; a grandeur yet aesthetic is realized in our Burnham collection with the richness of the beautiful German beech wood. This elegant designed collection is created to fit any style of kitchen, whether you are looking for a traditional or contemporary approach.

Wood Characteristics: German Beech

German Beech Wood is a native of Western Europe. This species
is reported to grow throughout Europe, approximately between
latitudes 40 degrees north and 60 degrees North, and Western
Asia. German Beech wood is normally white, pale cream or pale
brown and is steamed to relieve drying stresses while also
bringing out a pinkish-red color.

German Beech wood is easy to machine, nail and glues well.
When sanded, stained and polished, it produces an excellent
smooth finish. The timber dries fairly well at a moderate rate, and
requires care in air-seasoning and kiln drying to prevent
excessive shrinkage.

Standard Features ::

T2 Cabinet offers highest quality craftsmanship, and premium features to every product. From solid hardwood construction to European-style flush hinges, and many features you look for in your dream kitchen come standard to our Burnham Collection. Ask your local representative for optional upgrade and custom work.

Ask your local sales representative for optional upgrade
and custom work.

-   Full extension drawers

-   Solid hardwood construction

-   Soft-close drawers (doors optional)

-   Variety of accessories

-   Vanities available

-   Creative layouts

  • Full-extension drawer

  • Solid Hardwood Construction

  • Soft-Close Drawers

  • Creative Layout

  • Variety of Accessories

  • Also Available in Vanity