Bamboo Collection
Caramel Finish

Why Bamboo?

Our Bamboo Collection was inspired by the incredible strength, regenerative properties and the natural beauty of this fascinating resource.  The environmental aspects of the collection is only the first step of confidence behind this collection.  The technique used for the glamorous color and the durability in construction, this collection will not only provide confidence in the look of the cabinets, but will also assure pride in your choice for a sustainable product. 

Wood Characteristics: Bamboo

Although Bamboo can grow to incredible towering heights,
it is not technically considered a tree.  It is a woody perennial
evergreen plant that is actually part of the grass family.  As the
fastest growing plant on Earth, now known as the  world's
leading renewable resource, it can be found in varied climates
from cold mountainous regions to the hot tropical areas.  The
look of this plant is a light, blond color at it's most natural form. 
With the process of pressure steaming the wood, and causing
the sugars of the grass to condense, the fibers are darkened,
not stained, resulting in the deep caramelized color. 

Another outstanding quality is the tensile strength of this wood, often compared to that of a dense concrete mixture.  Bamboo is quite resistant to stain and moisture, which provides minimal shrinkage. 

With it's elegance, strength and regenerative properties, Bamboo is not only safe for you and your family, but also for mother nature.  

Standard Features ::

T2 Cabinet offers highest quality craftsmanship, and premium features to every product. From solid hardwood construction to European-style flush hinges, and many features you look for in your dream kitchen come standard to our Burnham Collection. Ask your local representative for optional upgrade and custom work.

Ask your local sales representative for optional upgrade
and custom work.

-   Full extension drawers

-   Solid hardwood construction

-   Soft-close drawers (doors optional)

-   Variety of accessories

-   Vanities available

-   Creative layouts

  • Full-extension drawer

  • Durability

  • Contemporary Look

  • Creative Layout